Igor Dodon will wear an object in value of 140,000 lei at special events

President of Moldova Igor Dodon will wear "Presidential Collar" at special events.

The first to wear this collar was Dodon's predecessor Nicolae Timofti. The collar was created at the order of the third president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, writes sputnik.md.

The ornament was made at the Jewelry Factory "Giuvaier" and costed about 140,000 lei.

The Presidential Collar is composed of a chain and badge belt. Collar insignia represents the insignia of  "Order of the Republic" placed over a star with eight pyramidal rays, silver, each boasting 8 zircons on the axe and a ruby at the top.

The star is placed over a laurel wreath, gilded with gold, which, in turn, is put over another star with 16 rays, composed of gilded-ray beams, alternating with pyramidal silver rays. The diameter of the insignia is 120 mm.

The chain is silver plated with gold, and formed of oval-horizontal links among whom are placed one double lily alternating with links that repeat the State Emblem of the Republic of Moldova, whose eagle and accessories are gilded.

Central link is composed of a wreath of oak leaves, embossed with silver, over which is put a crossed mace and a sword, gilded, and having a diamond at their intersection. The chain length is 850 mm.

From the central link is hung the insignia of the collar.

The Presidential Collar is worn by Moldovan President in ceremonies and protocol actions of particular significance.

President insignia will be sent to Igor Dodon by the President of the Constitutional Court.

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