Igor Dodon wants mixed voting system at next parliamentary elections

Moldovan President, Igor Dodon proposed a mixed system of voting for next parliamentary elections. The head of state asked the ruling coalition to abandon the project on introduction of uninominal voting system and stressed he knows the uninominal voting system has enough votes in Parliament and will be proposed shortly for approval of the deputies.

Igor Dodon stressed he will discuss with European Union ambassadors accredited in Chisinau, but also with other partners of Moldova, on mixed voting system.

Igor Dodon proposes that Transnistrian region citizens to vote in polling stations in localities controlled by Chisinau.

Meanwhile, the diaspora vote is guaranteed for two days, and the number of polling stations abroad will be established in accordance with the official data submitted by the state institutions in the country.

The draft law on the uninominal voting system was proposed in Parliament by the Democratic Party of Moldova in March.

Hundreds of thousands of people have submitted signatures of support of the uninominal voting system. Citizens will have to choose between several candidates from several lists, not a specific party.

The new system provides for the creation of 101 permanent constituencies, including Transnistria and abroad.

Citizens will have the right to dismiss MPs if they don't follow the interests of the community, if they do not comply with the duties under the law and if they violate the moral and ethical norms.

The bill was sent for expertise to the Venice Commission, which will have an official working visit to Chisinau between May 10 and 12.

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