Igor Dodon: Unionism must be prohibited by law

In a broadcast on a private television, Dodon said he wants to hold a referendum on banning unionism after the presidential election this fall. More specifically, he proposes the exclusion of article 142 of the Constitution, which, in his opinion, allows the organization of a referendum for the unification of the Republic of Moldova with Romania.

Dodon also said that everyone who promotes unionist messages should be punished by law.

The statements of the informal leader of the PSRM were harshly criticized by the UNIREA Political Movement, which categorized them as "irresponsible and hallucinating".

At the same time, the statement of the Unionist formation states that Dodon must be referred to the International Criminal Court or diagnosed and hospitalized.

According to article 142, paragraph 1 of the Supreme Law, "the provisions regarding the sovereign, independent and unitary character of the state, as well as those regarding the permanent neutrality of the state, can be revised only with their approval by referendum"


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