Igor Dodon: Transnistria could receive 'very strong autonomy' status

Transnistria region could receive special status "very strong autonomy", according to President Igor Dodon, in order to tackle the transnistrian issue. The declaration was made in an interview for a German news portal. 

However, Dodon didn't explain the meaning of " status of a very strong autonomy". He said presidency already elaborated the concept which will be presented to PSRM, PPDA and PAS. 

ACUM deputy Oazu Nantoi, who specializes in Transnistrian issue, said to Publika that he yet to see this proposal. Igor Dodon used general terms, adds the politician.  

"These terms are quite general. I'm quite skeptical towards these terms and I don't want to comment anything now as long as I don't see the project", said Oazu Nantoi.



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