Igor Dodon to Klaus Iohannis's EU path statement: We hold Romania in high regard

The head of state Igor Dodon commented on the statements made by his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis, who said that Romania would only carry on Moldovan citizens-oriented projects as long as the Chisinau Government failed to show its determination to reform its institution and follow the European path. 

"We hold our Romanian partners in high esteem, we plead for good relations and we will continue the good relations with the neighboring state, who is the most important strategic partner on the bilateral aspect. We have lots of common projects which must be implemented and I believe the Romania-Moldova relations must continue regardless of who is in government in Chisinau or Bucharest, "said Igor Dodon.

The head of state also added that the Government led by Ion Chicu is determined to continue the reforms for Moldova's EU path and some actions have already been taken.

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