Igor Dodon: The governing coalition isn't ready to examine Transdniestrian region's status

The state president Igor Dodon swears that he didn't think of Moldova's federalization when proposing an extended autonomy for Transdniestrian region. Nevertheless, he refuses to offer details about his new concept about giving Transdniestrian region a special status with a very strong autonomy.

'The Federalization cannot be done. It wouldn't be accepted by the East, nor the West. At this stage, the governing alliance isn't ready to examine Transdniestrian region's status. This doesn't mean that we don't have a position. The Transdniestrian status and autonomy can be only discussed after we,  the governing coalition, will successfully pass the challenges of the local elections, fiscal politics with FMI, power security and Law reform', Dodon mentioned.
In June, PUBLIKA.MD got into possession of a video material in which Igor Dodon confirms the fact that he wants to federalize the Republic of Moldova. The informal PSRM president Igor Dodon requested at Moscow's insistence for the PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc to accept Moldova's federalization. Dodon came with these requests at the democrat's headquarter on June 7.
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