Igor Dodon requests Maia Sandu for transparency in the conditionals implementation with FMI

The State President, Igor Dodon, requested the Prime Minister, Maia Sandu, to be transparent in the implementation of the conditionals with the International Monetary Fund.

'Some measures of the FMI Memorandum project aims the budgetary and fiscal policies, with an impact upon the economical activities in the country. The policies with an impact on the business environment will be discussed and approved with the economical agents representatives in advance, so that to assure of the efficiency of the taken measures and to exclude any obstacle in the business development and economical growth. In this idea order I encourage the Government to consult the initiatives with the business environment and the civil society representatives and the public local administration', wrote Igor Dodon in a Facebook post.

We mention that the FMI will allocate Moldova a loan of about 46,5 millions USD until the end of the year. The decision was announced today, within a press-conference, by the Head of FMI mission in Moldova, Ruben Atoyan and the Prime Minister Maia Sandu.

The International Monetary Fund representative recognized the achievements of the previous Government, led by Pavel Filip, declaring the existing of more premises for the financing program extension in Moldova, among which is the 4% growth of the Gross National Product and the inflation's sharp drop. On top of that, the head of FMI mission in Moldova underlined also the improvement of the banking system situation, including the decrease of the number of non-performance credits offered by banks. The Agreement signed with FMI in 2019 provides the allocation, until the end of this year, of a financing worth of over 170 million USD, in six rates.

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