Igor Dodon refuses to held a meeting that wasn't even planned. Republic of Moldova President won't meet Petro Porosenko

President Igor Dodon refuses to a meeting where he wasn't even invited. The president of the country declared that he won't have a meeting with the President of Ukraine who comes in Chisinau tomorrow. But, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting between the two officials was postponed long ago. The president of the neighboring country didn't even plan to hold a meeting with Igor Dodon.

"What about the meeting with Porosenko, as far as I know, he runs for the presidential elections from Ukraine. This is why, I don't think it is right for him to meet me, because I will be blamed of interference in the internal affairs of the neighbor country", mentioned Igor Dodon.

According to the spokesman of the Chisinau Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ukraine president didn't plan a visit in Moldova. The Ukraine Embassy to Chisinau confirmed this information.

"The officials planned such a visit earlier. Anyway, the visit wasn't programmed by the Ukraine official", said Alexandru Roitman, MAEIE spokesman.

From the very beginning of the Presidential mandate, Igor Dodon didn't hold meetings with Petro Porosenko. The Kiev leader declared that he will accept to meet Igor Dodon only if he recognizes that Crimea was taken illegally by Russia. In the 2016 presidential campaign, President Igor Dodon declared that Crimea belongs to Russia.

The Chisinau leader said that this territory belongs to Russia de facto, but this thing is not recognized by the international community.


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