Igor Dodon on intense ACUM-PSRM alliance: Changes in the executive after local elections

Moldova's President Igor Dodon implied he would withdraw from the alliance with bloc ACUM if its members kept attacking the head of state and the Socialist Party. The statements were made in an interview for noi.md

"We will draw a finish line and assess the level of confidence, to what extent we can count on some people in order to coordinate in several important aspects, for which the parliamentary alliance was created. 

As I said, the local elections are only a step in the party's political course. The commitment the Socialist Party and bloc ACUM made to the citizens is a much greater stake, which is really vital for the future of the Republic of Moldova. To me, as a President, and absolutely to PSRM, the local elections are the final road for the actual political majority but also a beginning for a much more difficult road with important challenges", Dodon declared. 

Meanwhile, Igor Dodon didn't hesitate to attack again the Government led by Maia Sandu, saying there will many changes in the Executive after the local elections. 

"A month has passed since the "free" 100-day period of the government. However, nothing has changed. On the contrary, we remark the passivity, even weird indifference in the activities of some ministers. After the local elections, necessary changes will be made to make the government more efficient", Dodon concluded. 


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