Igor Dodon: Moldova to mark 2020 the year of Russia

2020 will be the year of Russia in Republic of Moldova, President Igor Dodon declared on kommersant.ru. 

The Moldovan head of state replied to the Russian journalist's question that what would happen if Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Moldova. 

"We're waiting for him and we would be happy if he visited Moldova because we have something to discuss. From my point of view, if he visited Moldova, we would have a well-coordinated agenda. In accordance with an agreement, the next year will be the year of Russia in Moldova. Perhaps this will convince our partners to visit our country. It would be ideal if we were progressing certain directions until then, probably regarding the Transnistria issue", said Dodon. 

Publika.md recalls that at the request of Dmitry Kozak, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, President Igor Dodon tried to persuade former PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc to federalize Republic of Moldova. Plahotniuc rejected the Russian plan which resulted in PDM being the opposition party. 

Moreover, Igor Dodon announced previously a project which named Transnistria a special status. This means, in other words, the federalization of the country. 

Factually, federalization is deemed to divide Moldova and Transnistria as well as a swift Russian influence over Moldova. Furthermore, federalization poses a risk for Moldova's neighbors such as Romania and Ukraine for Russian troops continually station in the left bank of Nistru. 

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