Igor Dodon: Maia Sandu voted for project of law regarding which stolen billion should be recovered by citizens

Igor Dodon says that Maia Sandu voted and signed for an agreement according to which, the society should recover the stolen billion. This happened during the 2016 presidential elections.

"Mrs.Sandu, you signed an agreement according to which, the Minister of Finances has the responsibility to issue the state guarantee. The citizens should recover the stolen billion, in case Maia Sandu becomes a President. In order for the billion to be recovered, the country should be governed by somebody who didn't take part of this oligarchic governance", said Dodon.

Dodon also said that Filat and Maia Sandu were the ones who stole the billion and should stay behind the bars.

"Dear citizens, I promise you that one of the first actions that I will do as a president will be the removal of the law that makes the citizens to recover the stolen billion", declared Dodon.


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