Igor Dodon is dangerous for our country. Unionists to continue their hunger strike if PGO won't prosecute him

The Prosecution General's Office (PGO) will study the state president criminal accountability lawsuit request sent by unionists, announced their leader Vasile Costiuc, within a press-conference.

According to him, Igor Dodon is dangerous for the country because of taking over multiple state institutions. If he won't be prosecuted, the group members announced of continuing the hunger strike, but in front of the American Embassy. 
'PGO has been noticed about our lawsuit request about dismissing the oligarch and traitor Igor Dodon, which is selling himself to Russians for 700 000 to one million USD monthly', 'Democratia Acasa' president Vasile Costiuc stated.
The group members want Igor Dodon to be dismissed before October 20 local election.
'We hope the PGO to prosecute the president Igor Dodon', Costiuc added.The group members are also skeptical about PGO to act on their request, after the new Prosecutor General's appointment.

'No chance if the ad interim was appointed by Dodon', Vasile Sinegur said.
The Prosecution General's Office sent their lawsuit request to the Anti-corruption Prosecution. We tried to contact the ad interim head of the institution Eduard Varzar to find out the lawsuit request examination level. Igor Dodon also could not be reached.

At the beginning of July, more hunger strike people installed their tents in front of the Parliament to suspend Igor Dodon from his function. They are charging him of Homeland Betrayal and spying for Russia.
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