Igor Dodon implies Andrei Nastase wants to weaponize Chisinau's Mayoralty as springboard for presidential elections

President Igor Dodon implies that Andrei Nastase wants to weaponize the post of Chisinau Mayor to run the campaign for presidential elections. The declarations were made on a show of private TV N4. 

- Dodon: I'm not sure that the ones on the right parties who run for Chisinau's Mayoralty don't want to use this office as a good springboard for presidential elections. 

- Moderator: Do you refer to Nastase? 

- Dodon: I don't say this, you infer it yourself. 

Meanwhile, Igor Dodon noted that his colleagues from governing alliance made more "terrible" declarations which might destroy the alliance. 

"It's important that these won't destroy the alliance. [..] Nastase makes different terrible declarations and tries to provoke me. He provokes me and others. Nastase needs to restrict himself in his campaign", said Dodon. 

Andrei Nastase has yet to comment on these statements. 

Publika recalls that Andrei Nastase, PPDA president and one of the governing alliance leaders,  registered to run for the local elections in Chisinau as candidate of bloc ACUM. In the past months, he held the position of deputy prime minister, Interior Minister, member of parliament. In a TV show, he noted he would like to become general prosecutor. 



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