Igor Dodon: I will be the president of all, of the ones willing to be in EU and of the ones willing to be near Russia

After winning the elections, Socialist leader Igor Dodon has made these statements:

"I think everyone has understood that we have won this electoral race. I clearly realize the responsibility I have starting today. I realize it’s not going to be easy, but I promise I’ll be everyone’s president: of those willing to be in the EU and of those willing to be next to Russia.”

“I want to address to my political opponent, Mrs. Maia Sandu: I want to congratulate you for a very good result, I want to thank you for a tough, but good race. But now, I very much ask you: let’s calm the tempers down. We don’t need hatred within society.

“Respectable citizens who voted for Maia Sandu, I will take into account all your wishes, everything you believe in. The difference is big. I am ready to discuss it over even tomorrow; we shall not have a divided society.

“The ones from abroad, I respect every one of you, even though you have voted against me, starting from today I am the president of all."

After processing 97.74% of minutes, Dodon garnered 54.7% of ballots. His opponent, PAS leader Maia Sandu scored 45.3% of suffrages. 

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