Igor Dodon: I am for good relationships with our Romanian brothers

'I am for good relationships with our Romanian brothers'. As strange as it may seem, but this declaration was made by the pro-Russian Igor Dodon. The president, who never visited Romania as the state president, was asked by the journalists when he will visit Bucharest, after announcing his further visits to Brussels and USA.

'I said the same thing as always. I am for good relationships with our Romanian brothers. We don't have problematic subjects. Only one subject as you already know, the statehood preservation, but everything else is just fine', declared the president Igor Dodon.

When he was invested into the president function, Igor Dodon ordered that on the Presidency's web page the Romanian language should be changed into Moldovan. More than that, the former leader of the Socialist Party opposed to the modification of the Art. No.13 of the Constitution, that provided the phrase 'state language' to be replaced with 'Romanian language'.

Even though he criticizes all that is of Romanian origins, multiple MPs are Romanians by documents. They said multiple times that they will refuse the Romanian citizenship, but they didn't do it.
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