Igor Dodon: FMI agreement can be renegotiated in September or October

The agreement with the International Monetary Fund (FMI) could be negotiated only in September or October. In such conditions, the VTA tax increase for HoReCa and fiscal facilities annulment is up to the Government and Parliament.

'The agreement with FMI, negotiated in June, can be renegotiated in September - October', Igor Dodon said.
The state president said that tax increases suggestions can be debated tomorrow, within the parliamentary session.
'A big part of these provisions were discussed by society and within the Presidency. We have five months left to renegotiate the memorandum', Dodon said.
Recently, FMI representatives declared for our TV channel that they won't renegotiate the Financing Agreement with our country. As a result, the negotiated by the current Government fiscal measures which are harshly criticized by the business environment, remain in force. 

At the end of July, Dodon confessed about current Government's mistake about the harsh fiscal measures announced by the Finance Ministry. In this context, he informed the Parliament and Government of his will to publicly discuss any draft law with regulatory impact before promulgating it.

Recently, the Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilita said that the Government will not renegotiate the FMI agreement and the approved measures only affect a small business segment. 

We remind that the FMI agreement provides the VTA doubling for HoReCa from 10 to 20%, meal tickets taxation and personal exemption annulment for those with more than 30 000 MDL monthly income.
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