Igor Dodon, accused 'outlaw' and requested dismissal by his hometown people

A country's president must protect sovereignty and prevent any interference of other states in our internal affairs, especially Russia. Socialist Party informal leader Igor Dodon has failed to prove this work, therefore, he must be dismissed. This is opinion of people in Sadova, Călăraşi, the hometown of Dodon. 

The locals can't keep silent after watching video which shows that Dodon requested leader of Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, to accept Moldovan federalization, a plan dictated by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Kozak. 

"He's an outlaw, a thief. He wants to sell our country to Russian. Nothing more", said a local. 

"I disagree. The Russian annexed Crimea, then what about our country? Why did we fight for our independence?", said another local. 

"That's bad. Russia is Russia. Moldova is Moldova". 

"He needs to protect our country. How could it be so? It's evident that he must protect our people. That's why we voted for him".

They also feel more indignant to know that Dodon admitted receiving money from Russia. 

"Why did he receive money? So our children and family are in debt? Our children have to return money for this". 

Last week, Publika published video which showed that Igor Dodon admitted receiving up to 1 million dollars per month from Russia to run Socialist. 

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