Igor Dodon, a high-maintenance president. Presidency's expenses to double this year

Presidency's maintaining, led by Igor Dodon, is becoming more expensive for Moldovan people. The Presidency's expenses might get double by the end of the year.

The data is public and can be analyzed on the new portal launched by the Finance Ministry.

According to buget.mf.gov.md, in 2016, presidency's maintaining consisted of 14 million MDL, of which about 10 million MDL were used to pay salaries.

A year later, the sum increased with about two million MDL and the last year, the Presidency expenses were about 19 million MDL, of which 12 million were spent on worker's salaries.

Finance Ministry data show that at the end of the year, the expenses for Presidency's maintaining will be double than in 2016, because only in the first five months of 2019, the Presidency already spent 12 million MDL.

According to the Finance Ministry representatives, this year, the Presidency will provide only 144 000 MDL. Presidency representatives could not be reached to comment the situation.

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