Igor Borş, one of Vento's founders, arrested for 30 days on suspicion of money laundering

Three of the seven people, arrested over the weekend after searched at "Vento" gas stations, were placed in preventive custody for 30 days. Among them counts director of TIREX PETROL, Igor Borş.

All suspects are accused of money laundering. During searches were seized over 300 000 lei, 60 000 EUR, 41 000 USD, 50 000 GBP and two illegally kept firearms. According to prosecutors, the suspects wished to gain control over multiple gas stations with foreign capital. 

The owner of "Vento", is Borş's brother and owns 60% of shares of "Datario", used the company's money and transferred its goods, through third parties, into the accounts of another company. The company was therefore used to sell fuel under another brand.

Prosecutors announce that "Vento" gas stations had connections with enterprises controlled by businessman Veaceslav Platon, who is serving 18 years. Investigation has revealed that for two years, "Datario" declared incomes of over 940 million lei, but only paid 7 million lei (0.7%) as tax.


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