The head of state, Igor Dodon, was elected today with the title "Unionist of the Year". Several members of the ODIP organization went to the State Residence to give them a diploma, a medal on which one is written, but two carnations.

"Please send this diploma, not just a diploma, but also a medal for when it will go when in the Republic of Moldova to go with this tricolor on the waist or on the chest and with this medal that writes the number one, because he is we do not have such unrepeatable politicians, and these flowers are inscribed "Union President Dodon," said Vlad Bileţchi, ODIP president.

The young unionists believe that the country's president Igor Dodon is the biggest promoter of joining the Republic of Moldova with Romania because he most often talks about this process. This time, President Igor Dodon did not come out to the young. But the gifts were taken over by the counselor of President Pavel Voicu.

"I will only send it to you, but I will send it to you and will receive the decision and compare these presents if you consider them to be gifts," said Pavel Voicu, Special Mission Advisor.

The Unionists also came with a gift for the head of state spokesman, Ion Ceban. They brought him a beer opener with the map of Romania on it, commenting that when he would like to drink, do not forget that Bessarabia is Romania.

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