Idea of sole nominee of DA Party, PAS and LDPM for presidential election went to smashes

The idea of a sole nominee of the right side to presidential elections was successfully ditched. After DA Party of convicts Topa, Action and Solidarity Party and the Liberal-Democratic Party talked for months about a sole nominee for the position of president, now the followers of Andrei Nastase and Maia Sandu are crowding at the Central Elections Commission to register their own nominee.

The liberal-democrats were left perplexed for now, and have not yet decided what they will do at elections.

On Tuesday, august 30, 2016, both the party of Topa convicts and of the former minister of Education have announced the nominations of Andrei Nastase and respectively Maia Sandu to the position of president.

Today, these parties will apply the documents to CEC for the registration of the initiative groups which will collect signatures in order to enter the presidential elections.

Surprised by these decisions, the LDPM leader, Viorel Cibotaru, declared to media that his party has yet to decide what will they do, but they still hope to identify a sole nominee of the three parties.

The political analysts claim that on the center-right segment will be at least five nominees.

Previously, other politicians with the center-right points of view had expressed their intent to participate in the race for position of president, like the leader of the Popular European Party, Iurie Leanca, and the former liberal-democrat Valeriu Ghiletchi.

The Liberal Party will also have their own nominee, and the unionist forces will also propose at least a nominee for the presidential elections.

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