Ialoveni commemorates National Language Day through wrestling matches

In order to celebrate the National Language Day citizens of Ialoveni participated in a wrestling championship, organized for the first time by the local authorities. They claim that wrestling is not a simple fight, but an old tradition of Moldova.

Dozens of people participated at the even within three age category: junior; young and senior. Most participants were from the junior category. The winner of each group were awarded with a goat.

"It was a beautiful match between two opponents, not overly difficult, I loved it" one of the winners, Ştefan Tonu said.

"I have been putting sports on second place, concentrating on work, school, university- What will I with my prize? Most likely make us of it with my friend"  another winner, Victor Iovu declared.

Those who organized this claim that wrestling is one of the national heritages of Moldova and should be treasured.

"As Hercules threw Antaeus into the aim, so is the main aim here, to make lift your opponent off the ground. We use Christian elements in those fights" dean of the Faculty of Sport from UPSM, Serghei Busuioc said.

It is also not a coincidence that the goat is the prize, as per tradition one was given to the winner.

"It represents the well being of both our country and the owner's home, having wool, meat and milk" the dean added.

While at the House of Culture, from Ialoveni city, was organized a book presentation and art exposition. All guests were welcomed with salt and knot shaped bread.

"There are a variety of themes here. First floor being taken by easel paintings and decorative art" teacher from the Art School, Victor Guţu said.

The party continues in Costeşti district, where visitors were welcomed to attend to handcrafts and applique expositions, can have a taste of our traditional food and admire our traditional dances.  All of the present guests honored our national heritage and sung our countries anthems. 

"Gentle river Nistru's ripples Hiding starlight bright and shining..."

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