I speak little state language: Socialist Hrenova insists MPs address her in Russian

Socialist Deputy Elena Hrenova asks other MPs to address her in Russian because she doesn't know Romanian well. She sent the request from the Legislature tribunal before she began drafting a bill. However, the MPs ignore her request.

"Please ask me in Russian as I speak little state language. I've completed two language course, of course I shall learn more but, please, speak with me in Russian", said Socialist deputy Elena Hrenova.

Nevertheless, MPs don't consider this request, addressing questions in Romanian. 

"I continue speaking in Romanian, especially, there are 34 deputies who have made the referral to the Constitutional Court to change the article", declares Liberal Lilian Carp.

Duputy Elena Hrenova stops insisting and has to use headphone to listen to translation. 

1.5 million lei was spent on translating legislative documents last year, which Deputies were unqualified to know Romanian required. 

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