"I found a bomb and set it on fire." Dozens of villages from Moldova are mined

The territory of dozens villages from Moldova is mined. In many villages the archaeologists find shells that date since the Second World War. According to the National Army map, the most dangerous zones are in  Căuşeni, Ştefan Vodă, Ungheni and Orhei districts.

For example, there were revealed ammunition in Plop-Stiubei village, Causeni district, as in 1944, there was a war field in there.

"We know that there was a battle ground here", said Iurie Barcari, the mayor of Plop-Stiubei village.

According to the mayor, over 20 residents were wounded after the explosions provoked by the shells.


Ion Danoi found a grenade that exploded near him when he was 16.

"I found a bomb and set it on fire. It exploded and now I have a scar. It could have killed me."

There were more tragic cases. In the two past decades, 10 people died because of the shells.


"They were playing with the ammunition. Three kids died", said Iurie Barcari, the mayor of Plop-Stiubei village.

The residents of the village say that most often, they find the ammunition while they work in the yards or gardens. A year ago, a man found a projectile while he was digging to build a fence.


All the munitions were seized by the archaeologists from the village. 

"People should take into consideration that these apparatus are dangerous", said Ghenadie Racu, lieutenant.


Previous year, the archaeologists found approximately 900 explosive targets.


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