I AM MOLDOVA! PUBLIKA TV's campaign starts by singing State Anthem (VIDEO)

It took to have courage 25 years ago in Moldova to hoist the tricolor flag. Now it’s an act of pride. Regardless of the locality we are from, regardless of our job, our flag unites us all.

We have passed together through hardships and happy moments, we hope together there will be a better future and we’ll go further together. Because we love our country.

Because we care about what’s going on here.

Because we must always be close to one another.

And every citizen must be able to say: I am Moldova. 

As it was the last few years, PUBLIKA calls on you to join the campaign and hoist a flag wherever you are.

Thus, we want to spread the love for one’s nation in every part of our country 

Show you are proud of your country! Hoist a flag wherever you are and send the photos to drapel@publika.md.

Share your pride with all the country!

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