I AM MOLDOVA! Publika TV hoisted a flag in Slobozia Mare village

Publika TV "I am Moldova" campaign debuted today in the south of the country. The first two flags were hoisted in Giurgiuleşti and Slobozia Mare village, Cahul region where our team was greeted with bread and salt.

In Slobozia Mare village traditions and customs are like at home, just like the festive atmosphere created by locals during “I am Moldova” campaign.

"For me Moldova is more than my country, it’s my home, it’s the place where I learned what life means. Moldova represents hard-working people that don’t forget their roots" , said the citizen of Slobozia Mare village, Luminita Culea.

The flag was hoisted on the bank of Lake Beleu, one of the largest in the country, that is part of "Prutul de Jos" nature reserve.

Also today, Publika TV hoisted a flag in Giurgiuleşti village.

Giurgiuleşti port works since 2006 and is Moldova’ maritime gateway. In 2015, the flow of goods increased because work was carried out to deepen the berth and large ships have started anchoring there.

"We are very proud that Publika TV came to us to hoist a flag and enjoy everything Moldova is doing“ , said customs inspector of Giugiulesti port, Constantin Bezede.

Publika TV team will reach out to other places to highlight the love and country pride for Moldova.

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