I AM MOLDOVA! First flag of Publika TV campaign, hoisted at Giurgiuleşti village

Independence tradition at Publika TV. The “Hoist a flag" campaign started at extreme south point of the country, in Giurgiuleşti village.

The flag was hoisted at the town’s port.

Meanwhile, citizens of the country have answered our urge to hoist a flag and have sent images to the Publika.md editorial office.

Previously, Publika TV shared thousands of flags in the campaign. People met us warmly and show that are patriots and care about the future of the country despite all the difficulties.

This year we will visit 25 municipalities in the country to hoist the tricolor and to promote a sense of pride for being Moldovans.

Hoist a flag and show the world your love for the country and PublikaTv will join you.

Be proud of who you are, if you're at home, at work or on vacation, and if you want to be seen by the whole country, let us know and we will send a team to shoot you. Capture a photo or a video and send it to drapel@publika.md

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