Hunting with a tragic end in Criuleni. A 55 years old man was shot by his nephew

A pheasant hunt ended tragically. A 29 years old man accidentally shot his uncle of 55 years. The victim died on the spot. The tragedy occurred on a hunting ground near the village of Sagaidac, Criuleni district.

According to the police, the suspect and the victim are members of the Hunting and Fishermen's Society, and the weapons are legally held. 

"At the moment, the president of the team shot a bush over a 55 years old man' s bush. Nimerinda on the left side of his head to those victims died on the spot", said IP Criuleni's press officer, Irina Burdujan. 

Relatives are shocked by what happened and say the man was a good man. 

"He is my Godfather, he has a wife, two children, grandchildren, he was the one who brought money in the house. Now they are without support, with no father", said the victim's godfather. 

The villagers are convinced that this is not intentional killing, because the young man was very much concerned with his uncle.

"A very good boy, he has a young wife, it's a tragedy, I'm shocked". 

"The grandson was not able to make such a gesture. The young man and everyone in the family are very good".

"Certainly it's a tragedy. They lost a dear man". 

Also this week a 69 years old man was shot dead in the forest of Plop-Stiubei, Causeni district.

The 38-year-old suspect told police that he wanted to shoot a fox. The man held the legal weapon and admitted his blame. The victim was a resident of the village of Chircaiesti in the same district.

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