Hundreds visitors flock to Ialoveni Fish Festival

The fish was the star of the day in the village of Nimoreni in Ialoveni district, where the Fish Festival was held. Visitors enjoyed the meals of the flesh, and the festive atmosphere was created by the folk ensembles. Approximately one ton of fish was used for the event.

The attraction of the festival were the traditional fish dishes: grilled, fried or filled.

"There are many dishes made of fish. We have the fish like in the Dniester, we have haut carp, we have different appetizers," said Coralia Babcenco,

The surprise of the day was fish jam. The chefs made 300 liters.

"It's very difficult to make 300 kg in such a large amount. We put about 10kg of vegetables and some 15 fish heads," said Nadejda Gangur

The organizers say that through this event they want to promote the gourmet traditions in the area.

"We have healthy food, we want to promote this aspect, moreover, we want to introduce our locality", said Natalia Eremia, organizer.

The Fish Festival is in its third edition.

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