Hundreds of teachers enjoyed concert organized at Philharmonic Hall

Teachers from all over Moldova have enjoyed, last evening, a concert organized at Philharmonic Hall.

Almost 600 educators have attended the event:

"It is very beautiful, as teachers we have various knowledge: we know music, poems, jokes and are greatly enjoying it here."

"We feel great and honored."

The stage was taken by multiple known singers, such as Iurie Sadovnic, Constantin Moscovici and Nelly Ciobanu.

The event was attended by Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc and PDM deputy, Victor Mândru.

"The 11,3 % raise in salaries starting September 1, are a firm stepping stone. Afterward being followed by others in January 2018. Those steps will be taken one at a time, until you have fitting living conditions" Monica Babuc declared.

International Teachers Day is celebrated annually on October 5.


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