Hundreds of opera music lovers gathered at DescOpera festival in Orhei

Hundreds of opera music lovers gathered at DescOpera festival.

Ana Cernicova, Vladimir Dragoș and Ljubica Vranes Serbian singer performed on the stage.

"This is a wonderful location. This concert is great", said a guest.

"We are extremely happy to host this concert every year."

"The atmosphere that we enjoy here is great. We came here with our children. We want them to inherit the love for good music", said an opera lover.

The special guest of the event was Ljubica Vranes, the soloist of a band from Belgrade. It was the second time when she visited Moldova. The picturesque places from our country impressed her.

Ana Cernicova and Vladimir Dragos singers of Maria Biesu theater of Opera and Ballet also performed on stage.

"I am happy that such a festival is organized in Moldova. The opera music deserves to be valued", declared Ana Cernicova.

"I attend this festival for the third time. I started with Rigoletoo", said Vladimir Dragos.

Friedrich Pfeiffer Austria director attended the four editions of the festival. DescOpera is organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. 

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