Hundreds Moldovans defended the second night the state buildings from those wanting to seize them illegally

Another white night for the hundreds of Moldovans who came since Saturday to defend the state institutes from those wanting to seize them illegally. People of diverse ages united their forces for a common cause. The demonstrators in front of the building were outraged towards the Maia Sandu Government.
'We want to invest a legitimate, correct and open to people government'.

'We think that CC magistrates adopted a correct an legal decision. All subsequent actions of other parties are illegal'.

The people is outraged about Dodon's decision to federalize the country.
'We are against Moldova's federalization. We are against for the foreign partners to decide the country's fate. This is our country.

Most of the tents were installed in the front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 
'We're here the second night. We will stay as much as it will be necessary, to defend the building from Nastase's entry'.

'Nastase was invested illegally'.

'We will defend the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Nastase was elected illegally'.

The demonstrators that defend the Finances Ministry say that they won't give up.
'We came here to defend the Financial Ministry. We protect it from the usurpators that wanted to somehow assault it illegally'.

'All the Ministries are surrounded by citizens who want a peaceful country, with peaceful changes'.

'We stay here day and night, already for two days. We will stay and resist until the recovery of the state'.
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