Huge crater appeared on Comrat main street. Residents' houses might be affected

A huge crater appeared on the main street in Comrat. The three-meter deep hole was formed by the old catacombs beneath the city. Over time many houses were deteriorated. 

"There is plenty of water there,  that is why the dwelling was covered by the ground".

- Are not you afraid if it collapses?

- If it starts falling, it will get broken. "

Some locals have arranged cellars in the underground galleries, not thinking about the fact that these cellars could affect their homes. Elena Boicova managed to save her house after strengthening it .

"We strengthened the shore with reinforcement and cement, because two houses collapsed already."

Local authorities build drainage systems so water does not accumulate in tunnels. The works cost two million lei. The church and the school are threatened. The City Hall is preparing a project that will allow the restoration and restoration of underground galleries in the city center.

"These tunnels pass all over the city, in the past they joined two churches, we want to connect them all to attract as many tourists as possible, the first tranche of the project will be 200,000 euros", said Anastasov Serghei , the mayor of Comrat.

Authorities want to turn this locality into a museum.

"Once in this building there was a café. We thought to do wine tasting here and to attract campaigns to offer different varieties", said Maria Basova, the owner of the café.

According to some historians, the catacombs in Comrat are 200 and 800 years old.

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