Huge accident was registered in Rascani sector of Chisinau

Three cars were crushed in Rascani sector. The accident took place last night, near 23:00, after a driver lost the control of the car and got on the oncoming lane. Fortunately no one was injured.

The collision took place at the crossroad of Alecu Russo and Nicolae Dimo streets. The driver who generated the accident was driving on Alecu Russo towards Ciocana sector. He lost the control of the car and got onto the oncoming lane, colliding with a car. After the impact, the struck car was thrown into another car.

The driver who generated the accident has declined to make any declarations for journalists. The witnesses say that here, car accidents are registered very often.

The driver got a fine of 1,000 lei and six penalty points.

Also last night was registered another accident in Mereni village, Anenii Noi district. A 68-year-old woman got into the hospital after being hit by a bike driven by a 24-year old man. He said to police that he lost the control of the bike. The man will be punished according to the severity of the injuries of the victim.

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