How's the Moldovan largest masterpiece painted?

A Moldovan painter, Alex Gurschii, is working on the country largest masterpiece named The World. 

The artwork is painted on canvas, 3 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, being a puzzle of other 60 smaller paintings. 

The young artist told Publika his inspiration for this masterpiece. 

"Initially it was just an idea of making a series of paintings. It became clearer to me that I would make a picture of 60 pieces. I don't know if it existed in Moldovan such painting", said Alex Gurschii.

According to the artist, the artwork will describe the conflict between good and evil.  

"This part of the painting will be dedicated to the good. There is also the evil, hypocrisy and pain that I will also display in this work". 

Finally, each of the 60 pieces will bear their own meanings. 

"Every painting unfolded as a puzzle will mean something. Emotion is described in every color", said Alex Gurschii.

The painter proposes to finish the work at the end of this month. The artwork will be displayed at an exhibition organized in Capital. 



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