How well would Chisinau fare if it were to snow?

Municipal enterprise Exdrupo has only one thousand cubic meters of sand in its warehouse that could be used if it were to snow in the Capital next week. Still, according to the CEO, until  December 1, Exdrupo will acquire 10 thousand cubic meters of salt and sand. According to Vitalie Butucel it will be enough to last two season. 

CEO of Exdrupo, Vitalie Butucel has also announced that they have 81 vehicles ready to interfere at any given moment.

Interim Mayor, Silvia Radu requested those from the institution to be ready by Friday, when the Exceptional Situations will hold a Council Meeting and provide with a statistics from the past 5 years, showing the expenses and how much material was used.

"I do not want our citizens to once again hear that snow got authorities by surprise, as it became a tradition. Today we will go and check the situation regarding the state of equipment used during the cold season. I have spoken with Mr. Vitalie Grabovschi to hold Friday a Council session with Exceptional Situation during winter season" Radu said.

The subject regarding the state of equipment required during cold season, as well as how well the Capital is prepared to face winter, will be discussed at the Council meeting from Friday.

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