How to transform a passion into a business? Successful story of businesswoman from Moldova

She transformed art in a profitable business. Irina Brailescu works day by day in her workshop to create beautiful things. Recently, she managed to buy an engraving machine, due to a 50 thousand lei grant offered by the Businessmen Association from Moldova.

The machine costs around one thousand lei. To gather the whole sum, she made up a business plan and applied to a contest organized by the Businessmen Association from Moldova.

"It helps me a lot, as it gives me the possibility to make all the pieces of the same shape. I added some more samples", said Irina Brailescu, businesswoman.

Till this moment, the masters were drawing the painting, now, they have special tools to make it and the save time.

"Totally, it takes ten minutes to make a painting, previously it was taking 30 minutes", said Irina Braiescu.

Besides Irina, two other young people work in the workshop. Both are passionate about painting and beauty, and at this job, they say, they capitalize on their creativity.

"I did not even know that this is done, we have it. It's very easy, stay here hot and work."

Irina Brăiescu makes decorative items, such as jewelry boxes, pockets or photo frames. She also collaborates with various restaurants and hotels.

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