How to make a Christmas tree last longer

Christmas tree is one of the most important elements decorating the house for holidays.

Many people cannot even imagine Christmas and New Year's without a Christmas tree, but not many know, how to correctly maintain one.

For the fir tree to resist longer, it is good to know some tricks. Specialists claim that Christmas tree cut in warm temperatures are holding less.

In exchange, trees cut down in cold weather are more fluffy and have better branches. When you go to the market, it is best to take into account that if the branches of the fir tree can be easily bend, then it means that the tree was recently cut. Once the tree is brought home, do not rush to decorate it.

Sudden temperature changes can cause its needles to fall faster.

"We keep it in the hall at first. Then, we take it to a room that is a bit warmer, +10 to +12 degrees Celsius. Afterward we take it to the room where we want to set it. It must also be kept away from heaters" vendor Vasilie Semaşco said.

To make the tree last even longer, the easiest way, is to put it in a bucket with sand and water it with warm water, where an aspirin was dissolved. You can also add to the water lemon salt or sugar.

"The water should be clean, as it contains all minerals the tree needs. This is the reason why some put aspirin in the water. For the tree to be more moist, it must have a source of energy" vendor Vasilie Semaşco explained.

The room with the Christmas Tree must be regularly aired and humidified.

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