How to chose the meat for the Easter meal

These days, the lamb is highly requested. Thus, the inspector of the National Agency for Food Safety evolves searches in the country's farms and  abattoirs, in order to check if the producers obey the sanitation rules and all the requirements.

Vladimir Ududovici owns one of the biggest farms in our country. Here, he raises over three thousand bulls, 1.500 sheep and 500 goats. These days, they prepare the lamb for the market.

"We prepare the lamb these days. By Friday, we will kill 500 lambs. The price vary between 70 and 85. When people buy more, we sell it on a price that varies between 65 and 70 lei", said Vladimir Ududovici, entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur also exports meat. For example, the sheep meat is requested in Russia, but also in the Arab countries.

"We have three thousands bulls who weight up to 500 kilos. We export the meat in the Arab countries", said Vladimir Ududovici.

The scarification process is monitored by a vet.

"After we check the apparatus, we apply a stamp. It proves that the meat is healthy and comes directly from the abattoir", said Gheorghe Barbaian, vet.

"We should take into consideration the sanitation norms and many other requirements.

ANSA  representatives urge the customers to buy the meat only in the authorized places.

"It is important to pay attention to the meat's quality. We need to check on the selling conditions", said Ion Sula, ANSA director.

We have 121 abattoirs in Moldova.


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