How much does one kilo of potatoes cost? Agriculture minister explains the situation (VIDEO)

One kilo of old potatoes costs 11 lei. This was announced by Nicolae Ciubuc minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment who said that it is not true that the potatoes' price considerably raised.

"Today we are on Chisinau-Nisporeni road. Here we have some potatoes imported from Belarus. One kilo costs 11 lei. The onion costs 15 lei. In the morning, my colleagues have been in the markets from the country and found out that the price of the vegetables decreased. In some markets, the potato costs 10 lei less", mentioned the Ministry of Agriculture on his Facebook page.

At the same time, Nicolae Ciubuc refereed to the price of the new potatoes that is too high:

"The price of the new potatoes is that big, because it fits this part of the year."

The  Minister of Agriculture declared that the situation will be monitored, thus the customers will benefit of reduced prices. 

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