How much does a fake bomb alert cost the state budget

A false bomb alert takes 30,000 lei from the state budget, but the expenses can reach up to 100,000, for locations like the railway station or the airport, where the entire activity is overhead for several hours.

The policemen warn that a joke can turn into a real tragedy. The call comes in the context of worrying statistics: from the beginning of the year there were 22 false bomb alerts. Usually, those who call are men.

"It usually fails to identify the bad guy, because the person knows where it sounds and usually only provides information about where the bomb, more details are not very much available", said Ana Carpovici, the spokeswoman of the 112 Service.

Even if some alerts seem suspicious from the very start, the police is forced to check the area.

"In most of the cases, alerts turn out to be public institutions and are determined either by the intention of making some bad jokes, we refer here to the age category, adolescents. Whether it's calls from people who aim to pave the way some processes that take place in public institutions, "explained Alexandru Bejan, Chief Operating Management Director at PGI.

Police, geniuses, firefighters and doctors come to the scene.

"It is very important for citizens to get accountable. Do not alert emergency services if it is not an emergency, because there might be other people in need of the intervention and help of the rescuers, the police but and doctors, "said Liliana Puscasu, IGSU press officer.

In some cases, a mobile team of the technical-explosive section is also mobilized.

Specialists have been able to intervene in a timely manner in the case of a real alert a few years ago. Then a woman from Soldanesti district received a gift box, and when she opened it, it exploded. Fortunately, she escaped unharmed, but she asked for help checking the house. With the help of an advanced device, the engineers found explosive in another box.

"We did not know what was inside because it was packaged." After performing the renghen, it was established that there is an RG 42 grenade in the mechanism of action under the type of racing mines, ie if you open the box the explosion " , emphasized Mihail Boldurat, the head of the technical-explosive section of the Technical-Forensic Center Division and judicial expertise.

In the case of fake alarms from the beginning of this year, 15 criminal trials have been started. Their authors risk up to two years of jail, fines of up to 49,000 lei or 240 hours of community work.

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