How many babies born at night of Resurrection in Chisinau

Seven couples in Chisinau became parents last night. The mothers hope their children will have special destinies. 

Five babies including three girls were born in the Municipal Clinical Hospital no.1.

Sabrina came to the world at four and fifty minutes and is perfectly healthy. The girl's mother says she was preparing to go to church when her labor came.

"We did not expect it, it was a surprise, a gift," said Valentina Eliseeva, the mother.

Parascovia Grumeza from Chisinau gave birth to a little boy at dawn.

"I did not expect even on the Night of Resurrection, we prepared for the religious ceremony. I thought I baby would come in the next days, but the Lord wanted", said Parascovia Grumeaza. 

Other two babies came to the world in the Mother and Child Center in Chisinau. 


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