How Japan is living in future (photos)

Photo 1: It may look like sci-fi, but in Japan, it's real. At this aquarium in Tokyo, touch panel exhibits, neon lights and audio display transform the encounter with sea creatures into a psychedelic, multy-sensory experience. 

Photo 2: High- tech toilets in Japan can check your blood pressure, urine, protein, weight and body fat.

Photo 3: Not your ordinary looking glass, this mirror can read wrinkle, redness, pores and sun damage. Moreover, it offers a range of products to address them. 

Photo 4: In order to keep track of senior citizen with dementia, Iruma, a Japanese city north of Tokyo has tagged the fingers and toes of the elderly with scannable barcodes. This system help families to find the loved ones who are prone to getting lost. 

Photo 5: Winter light shows - Winter fairs or winter shows in other countries don't look like this eye-catching illuminations. Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki. 

Photo 6: It even has a neon boat crossing Technicolor water..

Photo 7: Totoya i-Road is a three-wheeled, two-seat electric "personal mobility vehicle"

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