How impressive the exhibition Moldconstruct can be: A glass house with butterflies flying inside

Over 150 companies are participating in the exhibition Moldconstruct about house decoration in Moldexpo, Chisinau. It will last until Saturday.

Foreign and domestic participants are displaying a wide range of technologies in construction and repair as well as equipment.  

For the first time, there exits at exhibition a collection of materials made of recycled glass, semiprecious crystal and natural stones. 

"It's a material made of recycled glass and specifically designed for wet surface, pool, terrace, bathroom," said Diana Babin, construction company administrator. 

A company specialized in window production can be seen at the event, too. They built a glass house to surprise the visitors and demonstrate how efficient the house was. 

"There butterflies inside is to prove that there exist oxygen inside the glass house", explained Viorica Puiu, administrator of company. 

Visitors were impressed how the exhibition was arranged. They bought necessary materials and enjoyed the display. 

"Everything is interesting to me. They're materials for construction, agriculture and for house decoration". 

The exhibition Moldconstruct has been organized for 24 years. 

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