How does National Emergency Service locate the caller's terminal?

In the context of the tragic events in Romania, the National Service for Emergency Calls 112 comes with the following clarifications:

The Automated Information System 112 in the Republic of Moldova has three ways of locating the caller's terminal:

In the case of calls from fixed telephony numbers, the Automated Information System 112 automatically receives the physical installation address of the terminal from the telephone service provider.

In the case of calls originating from mobile telephony providers, the Information System 112 automatically receives the primary location of the caller's terminal based on CELL ID technology, which is an indicative range from data taken from the cellular telephone serving the caller's terminal. This area has a relatively large radius and is only indicative.

Mobile terminal calls using Android 2.3 or higher, the Automated Information System 112 automatically receives the AML location, a technology that provides high-end caller localization by Google - Emergency Locator Service.

This assumes that at a short time after the call is initiated, the caller's term automatically sends SMS containing GPS data indicating the position of the terminal. Daily 112 receives approximately 1,500 calls that are located after AML technology.

The 112 service comes with the recommendation for all users of the Android operating system to make an update that would be more recent than version 2.3, which would allow for more accurate location in emergency calls.

The 112 service strives to further implement other modern calling location technologies in the case of emergency calls.

We reiterate that AML technology is only available to Android 2.3 operating system users and more recent versions.

The location of the caller's terminal by both methods (CELL ID and AML) is activated automatically and is provided in the SIA 112 exclusively during the emergency call and not under any other conditions.

Romania's interior minister has fired the chief of police after the murder of a teenage girl whose repeated emergency calls went unheeded for hours, writes BBC.

The 15-year-old was abducted on Wednesday, but managed to make three calls and give officers details about where she was being held.

Her family say officers did not take her calls seriously, while police say they had difficulty tracing her.

The girl is thought to have died at the hands of her captor.

Police found human remains and jewellery the girl wore at a house, and have detained a 65-year-old man for questioning.

The girl, who has only been identified as Alexandra, was kidnapped while trying to hitchhike to her home in the southern city of Caracal, police say.

On Thursday morning, she called the emergency hotline 112 three times, and said she had been abducted by a car driver who had picked her up, AFP news agency reports.


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