How do people who voted for Igor Dodon think about his actions?

People from many localities have expressed their disappointment after voting for Igor Dodon in presidential elections. They see that President insists on Russian wills and federalization of Moldova and feel shocked at video published on the press which showed that Igor Dodon admitted receiving up to 1 million dollars monthly from Russia. 

Locals of Rezina, Ţareuca, Cuizăuca said that they were dismayed for president's betrayal. 

"This sparked such widespread outrage among us because we placed our absolute trust on him. But now.. We don't know what will be. Poverty, we see poverty ahead", said a local. 

"This is what he is doing for himself, and nothing for citizens", said another local. 

"He needs to resign. Someone else should replace him", suggested a local. 

While people from Selişte and Sărata Nouă, Leova district, said that this is their first time to know such tense political situation. They consider Igor Dodon as traitor of motherland. 

"He must be held accountable. For he received money and wanted to do such things", voiced a local.  

"Federation? totally disagree. We need to have our country, Moldova", said another local. 

Last week, Publika TV published a video which showed that Igor Dodon negotiated with PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc and admitted receiving up to million dollars from Russia to run Socialist Party. 

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