How do people react after Eternity Memorial Complex bronze crowns were stolen?

Two bronze crowns at the entrance of Eternity Memorial Complex in Chisinau were stolen this week. Because they are heavy, policemen suspect they were taken away by several people. 

People walking in the park are angry at this action. 

"I think they are people without money and lazy to work. We have surveillance camera so we'll find them", said a local. 

Meanwhile, others said they noticed the missing of military patrols in this zone. 

"They also should work at the nighttime", suggested a local. 

"I didn't see carabinieri last week", noticed another local. 

We contacted Defense Ministry for further information. They said we should address them with a written application. The press service declined to comment anything. 

According to Central Police Inspectorate, nobody has been detained in this case. 

Anybody found guilty will risk four years in jail. 

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