How did Moldovan psychologists analyze Andrei Nastase's public appearance?

Aggressive language and behaviors are offered to audience by DA leader Andrei Nastase in every his presence in public, writes

According to the national newspaper, "criminal" and "penal" are some of words that Nastase prefers. Nastase whoops everybody who doesn't applaud him - political opponents, journalists, etc. 

At a press conference in June 2018, when the local electoral result was not canceled by the court, Nastase had to send an important message, walking with eyes flickering from side to side.

"Take care, it's time for a swan song. Be careful when the swan song is coming"

That message was evidently hinted the death of his enemy (and of his godfather), Vlad Plahotniuc, with whom he had done business. 

It could have been related to the war of Nastase and his godfather with Plahotniuc. When a politician (who claimed to promote European values and be responsible, who allegedly fought against oligarch) delivered a message like a bandit at a press conference, this could matter seriously. 

 Considering the grand political aspiration of Nastase, who wishes to become Parliament President, Ziarul NAȚIONAL requested all well-known psychologists in Chisinau to analyze Nastase's public appearance, so that we know what he has done and what we should expect. 

In spite of being active and good observer, Andrei Nastase is insincere, conceited, vengeful. He likes people to honor him, he has cowardly actions in many situations and could become violent, describe the specialists. 

The psychologists analyzed Andrei Nastase as following: 

- Being active, dominant, rebellious, self-centered, conceited

- Being a good observer. Being insincerescoundrel. 

- Having intention to earn money, high social positions, power to influence and control. 

- Ability to lead and administer precariously due to lack of patience and intolerance. 



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