How did gypsies from Soroca celebrate Memorial Day?How much did they spend this year?

The gypsy from Soroca have also celebrated the Memorial Day, today. They have brought fish, eggs covered by expensive decorations.

This year, they gave each other socks, plates and cups, instead of furniture and jewelry like in the previous years.

Some people came from far just to remember the persons they lost.

"Each year, we come to celebrate the Memorial Day at home."

"I wish they rest in peace."

The women say they didn't sleep the whole night just to prepare food.

"We made traditional food: sarmale and coliva, the rest is made of fish and meat."

"We have brought all these to spread them with the persons who came here."

However, this year, the gypsy from Soroca complained they don't have enough money to buy the presents they were buying the previous years.

"Of course, the previous years it was better, but we can't afford the nowadays costs to have that luxury."

"This year we have spent between 300 and 400 USD, but the last years we were spending between 1000 and 1500 USD."

According to the 2014 census, 0,3% of Moldova population are gypsies.

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