How are the new MPs. Members of Xth Parliament are science doctor

The majority of the new deputies are either lawyers or economists.

Among the deputies of the 10th Parliament there are teachers, engineers, doctors, historians, journalists, managers and agronomists. We also have one actor, one architect and one diplomat in this Parliament.

All the deputies of the 10th Parliament have university studies and 43,5% of them also have master studies.

14 deputies are scientists and four are doctors in history science -Eduard Smirnov, Victor Gaiciuc, Ivan Zabunov and Octavian Țîcu. Three of the deputies are scientists in law field: 
Igor Vremea, Adrian Lebedinschi and Igor Munteanu. Also, three MPs are economy scientists: Vladimir Golovatiuc, Eleonora Graur and Viorel Melnic.

We also have scientists in political studies: Victor Bologan and Gheorghii Para, but also Bogdan Tirdea who is a doctor in politics and Chiril Tatarli, scientists in agriculture.

The only academician is Ivan Zabunov. He is a memebr of Bulgaria Sciences Academy.

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